Nick meets the Bermondsey Biscuit and Rotherhithe Docker!

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Bede House
by Gwen Green

Our previous Director has been busy since retiring last July. Having received a Southwark Civic award  last year, Nick Dunne now features in the latest edition of The Bermondsey Biscuit and Rotherhithe Docker magazine, which outlines his nearly two decades as Bede Director.

The article also tells us about his move to Scotland with his family aged 11, then back to London at 23 when he switched from studying a Civil Engineering degree to studying to become a Social Worker. We also find out about the interesting work he did which lead him to Bede.

Nick and his wife, Fiona, recently completed the final leg of the famous Via Francigena pilgrim trail and there is news of his memoirs being published later this year: The Bermondsey Biscuit and Rotherhithe Docker