NBCC 115th Anniversary: 1906-2021

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Bede House
by Gwen Green

After being delayed from last year, Bede is one of two charity’s that will benefit from a raffle and auction to take place on Thursday 31st March 2022, at a gala event to celebrate the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) 115th Anniversary.

Founded in 1906, NBCC is an independent, non-profit organisation set up to develop links between Norwegian and British business communities in the UK. It has a membership of more than 100 Norwegian and British companies, as well as individuals.

At the event guests will meet traders, entrepreneurs, artists and creatives, as well as civil servants and diplomats. After there will be a celebration with speakers, music, art and food and drink from both countries.

NBCC, through their general manager Kyrre Haugen, first approached Bede in 2019 to offer their support and has done ever since through generous donations and raising our profile on their social media platforms.