Bede welcomes Galldris

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Bede House
by Gwen Green

We welcomed two new visitors to our allotment and the Learning Disabilities project this week. John McEwan, Project Manager and our London Marathon Runner and Marcia Whittaker, Community Liaison Officer from Civil Engineering firm Galldris, which has chosen to support Bede because of the important work we do in the community.

Marcia helped clients at the allotment with preparing the soil beds to be re-planted following our recent harvest. John talked with service users Kieron and Warren about their favourite team, Millwall Football Club and his training for the Marathon.

John, fourth from the left and Marcia from Galldris, join staff and clients from the LD project at our allotment

Later, John and Marcia went to the project where they had lunch with staff and LD service users, giving them the opportunity to see how their support helps us.

Fundraising is going well for John. So far, he has raised nearly £1700 for us. He says, “This is for a fantastic cause so please dig deep and donate. Surely seeing a fat bloke, with shattered knees, ankles and a history of back problems take on a Marathon with 6 weeks training is worth a few quid for a laugh?”

If you want to donate to John, please visit: John McEwan 

Many thanks to John, Marcia and Galldris for choosing to support Bede.