Support our New Centre

We invite you to support our New Bede Centre as we build an exciting future for our community. This modern building will enable us to serve those in need for generations to come.

Construction work has begun on spacious premises comprising:

  • a hall for meetings and sports
  • youth club rooms
  • a community café beside Southwark Park, run by our Learning Disabilities group
  • private rooms for confidential advice and counselling for clients recovering from domestic abuse
  • a music studio for young people
  • a bicycle repair workshop

Step inside with us

This welcoming space is planned to open in 2023. It will sit adjacent to our existing Bede Centre, which will be demolished shortly after our move. The New Bede Centre will be at ground level in Maydew House (a block of flats currently under redevelopment). This accessible location will give the building exceptional visibility. Its special design will enable us to meet local needs and expand our services over the coming years.

The New Bede Centre features a fantastic multi-activity hall. It's perfect for everything from sports events to community gatherings.

The new multi-use hall

Planning for the future

Southwark Council is building the New Bede Centre as part of the redevelopment of the Abbeyfield Estate. This commitment to Bede underlines the council’s appreciation of our work. The Centre offers greater efficiency, suitability and sustainability for Bede’s future.

To secure the 125-year lease, furnish and equip the new building, we need to raise £1.2 million by 2022. As owners of the lease, we will be exempt from expensive annual rental charges and keep future running costs low.

Since gaining planning permission in June 2018 our generous supporters had already helped us raise over £800,000 by June 2020.

Children take part in a wide range of fun activities as part of our Bede Youth programme.

This is a wonderful opportunity to ensure Bede’s work will continue for future generations. In 1938, local people raised a substantial sum to buy our original Bede House and make it a focus for the local community. Now, you can help turn our successful past into a bright future by supporting the New Bede Centre.

We invite you to make a donation or standing order. We’ll recognise significant donations (£50,000 upwards) through the dedication of rooms. In addition, a specially commissioned artwork will acknowledge contributions of £1,000 upwards. To find out more, please contact our office on 020 7237 3881 or email our director, Nick Dunne,

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Architect’s site plan, with Southwark Park accessible via gates to the left of the plan.

Bede Now and Tomorrow

Bede Now and Tomorrow, a short video by Chris Haydon, explores Bede’s planned move to the New Bede Centre. This key moment in Bede’s history will bring all our services together under one roof for the first time.