New Bede Centre Appeal

Southwark Council are redeveloping the Abbeyfield Estate beside Southwark Park. This will involve the demolition of our Bede Centre in 2022 to make way for new Council flats. Happily, Southwark are building us a New Bede Centre right bedside where we are now. The New Bede Centre will be completed before our existing building is demolished. Our work will therefore continue as normal from now until we complete the move.  Planning Consent for the redevelopment was given in June 2018.  Southwark Council are now going out to tender for construction to begin in 2019. The New Bede Centre is expected to open in 2021. Meanwhile, work is already underway to clear the site and prepare water and power supplies ready for construction.

June 2018. View of the existing Bede Centre (which will be demolished in 2022 to make way for new Council flats). Note how the area in front of Maydew House (the edge of which is on the left of picture) has been completely cleared of redundant structures.

View of the other edge of Maydew House. The entire tower block is now an empty shell ready for complete refurbishment. The main entrance of the New Bede Centre will be built in the space running down this side of Maydew House, in front of the low-level flats.

A fuller view of the area (behind and to the left of the tree) that will be the main entrance and café of the New Bede Centre (shown in artist’s drawing below). The last two bays at ground floor and first floor levels of Maydew House (just to the right of the tree) will also be part of the New Bede Centre. They will contain offices and meeting rooms. The New Bede Centre will also run behind Maydew House, alongside Southwark Park. That space (out of sight behind Maydew House) is currently still occupied by empty and derelict garages.

The New Bede Centre will be just over 1,000 sq metres in size, almost all of it at ground floor level. It will include a multi-use hall, youth club rooms, a community café (run by trainees from our Learning Disabilities project), art and activity space for our disabled visitors, a music studio, bike repair workshop, one-to-one and small group spaces where our domestic violence clients can meet, plus offices for all Bede’s staff, including our central administration. A new gate to Southwark Park will be opened right beside the Centre making access even easier.
Artist’s impression of the New Bede Centre’s multi-use hall

This is a wonderful opportunity to ensure Bede’s work will continue for future generations. With a 125 year lease at peppercorn rent we’ll be able to keep our running costs as low as possible. In 1938, local people raised £400 (a huge sum for its time!) to buy our original Bede House and convert it from an old bakery into a focus for serving the local community. Now, you too can be a part of this proud and exciting moment in Bede’s history by helping us achieve the New Bede Centre.

New Bede Centre Appeal

We are now actively fundraising for the New Bede Centre. By 2021, as well as raising our annual revenue budget of around £1.1 million, we will need to raise an additional £1.2 million to buy the lease, equip the building and complete our move to the New Bede Centre.

Local and central government funding continues to be squeezed very hard, so we rely even more on the charitable support of trusts, businesses and individuals in the community. We hope that those who believe in the value of the work we do will ensure we are here for future generations.

We need to raise a total of £1,200,000 by 2021 when the new Centre is expected to be ready. We are approaching large trusts for six-figure grants but also approaching people we know personally, who may be willing to consider making a five-figure gift which can be made over 2 or 3 years.

Such significant donations will be recognised in a range of ways.  The dedication of particular rooms and recognition on a specially designed piece of artwork will be offered for a minimum 10 year promise of display. Whilst rooms will not be named after individuals or organisations, discrete plaques will appear inside each room to acknowledge the dedication. Dedication rights will start at £50,000, with individual target donations for each room or space up to £150,000.

Lower donations will be acknowledged on an original piece of artwork in the form of a tree specially designed to be on public display in the New Bede Centre. Donations of £20,000 and over will be acknowledged as a Gold Leaf Patron, and donations of £10,000 and above as a Silver Leaf Patron. Members of the community who donate at least £1,000 (excluding Gift Aid) will also have their names, or those of a loved one, recorded on this specially commissioned piece of artwork.

If you would like to support the New Bede Centre Appeal with a donation or a regular standing order, please contact our Central Office on 020 7 237 3881 or email Bede’s Director, Nick Dunne,

Thank you!

Bede Now and Tomorrow

Bede now and Tomorrow’ is a short film by Chris Haydon which looks at Bede’s hope to move to newly refurbished premises in the early 2020s, bringing together under one roof both our sites for the first time in Bede’s history.