Pride of Kent

With the docks long gone and the surrounding areas increasingly re-developed, some argue that Millwall’s days in South East London are numbered, and Lewisham Council has been involved in plans to re-develop The Den and adjacent areas. Moreover, these days the postcode with the highest number of season ticket holders is Dartford, as many fans have moved to Kent.

‘If anyone asks, in situations outside of Millwall, ‘where do you come from’ – you know, you meet on holiday or whatever – well, I don’t say I live in Brook or I live in Kent, I come from Bermondsey. That’s where I come from. I live in Kent but I come from Bermondsey. Yeah. And even though you try and speak proper and pronounces your h’s, after a couple of beers you sound Bermondsey!!’

(Frank Preston, White British)

‘You know, we’re a South East London club. Ok, we might have come from just slightly north of the river initially but, you know, Millwall Football Club belongs in South East London […] effectively lifting the club up and, you know, and plopping it down in Ebbsfleet or, Dartford or Grave’s End or something, you’re then just making it a commodity, you know.’

(Lucy Pepper, White-British)