Millwall in the Community

Since the mid-1980s, Millwall has been involved in different kinds of community outreach, in particular engaging with local youths. The club’s community officers have worked extensively with schools, housing estates and other local stakeholders. In 2017 Millwall was awarded Family Club of the Year.

‘You’re the new kid on the block, you’ve been asked to set up some initiatives in the community […] The message is “win or lose, it is a game of football. You don’t need to beat people up or have that mindset”.’

(Ron Bell, community worker for ‘Millwall in the community’ from 1986 to 1996)

‘It’s a very important part of bringing the community together, and also helping to develop your own reputation as a positive force for good in the community, trying to bring people together from different backgrounds.’

(Herman Ouseley, Black British)